1.       Open a new tab on Google Chrome

2.       Click on the customization button at the navigation menu


3.       Click <Setting> then <Extension>. Scroll down and click <Get More Extension


4.       On the search tab, type these keywords and download the three required programs:

  • Auto Refresh
  • Auto HD for youtube
  • AdBlock for Youtube

5.       To download these, search them and click <Add to Chrome> (Download all the programs)

6.       Return to the extension tab

7.       Click <allow in incognito> and <enabled> for the three


8.       Press Ctrl+Shift+N simultaneously. This will lead you to an incognito mode

9.       Open the video in Youtube. Before you play the video, click the blue refresh button at the top right. Set the refresh timing longer than the video (If your internet connection is slow and the video keeps on lagging, set a longer time)


 10.   Allow the video to run continuously. Be sure that the volume is more than 50%

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