1. Open http://www.daum.net/ and click 회원가입


2. click the register with email

2a3. Enter your email > and open your email to get verification code > then paste on the 2nd box

tiga A4.  Enter your name if you already success to verification email code.. and click blue button (8)

4a5. Enter ID and password that you want, and you must enter captcha , but it with hangul, so you need to go to : https://www.branah.com/korean –> hangul keyboard

5a6. type the hangul captcha and copy paste to daum, if you cant you can comment and i’ll help you ^^

6a7. After paste it, click the blue button

7a8.  Complete ^^ and click blue button again

8a9. Go to : http://cafe.daum.net/manful24 –> super junior daum fancafe, and click button like no.16 on picture below~~

9a10.  (17) you must agree with the rules, (18) just enter 온새미로 , (19) enter the captcha

after you finished just click submit (20)

10a11.  success ^^ click button like no22 on the picture below11a12.  you can see Super Junior Fancafe member is increasing, and you success~~12


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